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We use a multitude of Okuma lathes due to their reputation as the best lathes on the market; we have found that to be true. Our machines are capable of turning up to 10” DIA material and our machines hold the tightest of tolerance.

swiss turn

For the most demanding of tolerances, we have live-tool-equipped, dual-spindle swiss lathes that utilize high-pressure cooling systems to make instrumentation-quality parts as fast as anyone in the world. These machines are truly state of the art and our newest is only 1 month old!


We have both 3 axis and 4 axis mills, and our milling envelopes are 40”x20”x25”, so we can machine larger parts in a single setup. For higher volumes, we can utilize multiple vises in multiple machines to maximize throughput.


Whether you need a centerless ground taper on a shaft or a surface ground bearing surface, we can accommodate you. Our grinding techs are artisans.
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