2007 Lamar Dr.
Round Rock, TX 78664


MI, Incorporated is a manufacturing and assembly facility located in Round Rock, Texas. As a machine shop with an international customer base, MI, Inc. can produce quick-turn prototypes or production quantities with the same level of precision and commitment to quality, and timely delivery.
Our highly skilled and experienced team has established a reputation in milling, turning, swiss-turn and grinding quality parts for a variety of industries, from oil/gas to aerospace. We work with a variety of materials including aluminum, brass, plastics, various alloys, carbon and stainless steels. We strive for perfection not just in quality, but in timely delivery; making us the best value as a partner in Texas. Join us in a partnership and become a link in the chain of success.
Our mission: To consistently be the best value in any partner’s supply chain, through delivery of quality parts on schedule.
MI is a family owned and operated business, and every employee/family member cares and shares responsibility for our quality. We take care of our family, and enjoy an exceptionally high retention rate as a result. We train and retain the best.
Phone: 512-244-3676  |  Fax: 512-388-0799  | 2007 Lamar Dr., Round Rock, TX 78664